Three great apps for freelance designers


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Three Great Apps For Freelancers

As a freelancer I’m always looking for web apps, or native iOS apps that make my project tasks easier. I’m not always sitting at my desktop computer, so any app that stores it’s data in the cloud and is mobile friendly is going to be at the top of the list for me. Creating wireframes and flowcharts are a key part of my web design process. I have two apps, Moqups and Slickplan that make these two steps easy and fun to work on. I also use Prevue for a very quick and simple way of sharing and recieving feedback on design mockups. Here’s a quick summary of the three apps.


Moqups is a web based application for creating wireframes for websites or web applications. It allows you to create the pages you need for your website or application and lets you link your pages together to create a semi-functional prototype. The toolbar has all the web page elements you need to create your pages. You simply drag over the element where you would like it to be and drop it on the page. Once your element is on the page you can customize it to fit your needs. Most elements give you the option to customize the color and border treatment to fit your look along with more options depending on the element you’re editing. It’s easy to create wireframes for mobile or desktop purposes since it offers web elements for both platforms. I’ve tried a lot of different applications for wireframing and feel this one has everything I need, looks great and has a great workflow.

price: $9 / month


Slickplan is a web based app for creating flowcharts for websites or applications. The interface is clean, simple and allows you to quickly create flowcharts with multiple levels for pages. You have the option to select a predefined color scheme or you’re welcome to create your own. I’m picky about color schemes for flowcharts so this was an item that caught my eye right away. It also allows you to designate a page type for each page such as a form, listing, gallery etc. to better define your pages. If your page type isn’t there, you can create a custom page type for your purposes. One of my biggest concerns with any app I use is workflow. I feel like Slickplan nailed it by providing multiple ways to share a link to your flowchart by giving options to email it, post it to Basecamp or even share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can easily export it as a PDF, EPS, PNG, or a web page depending of what’s best for you.

price: $3.99 / month


Prevue is a web app that lets you upload, manage and share your designs through a super clean and simple interface. Prevue has taken the simple and clean user interface to the max by having a simple left hand sidebar with all of your projects in the center of the page. You can create groups for your projects that can be shared or protected depending on your needs. The commenting feature allows your viewers to leave feedback on your designs within the app so everything is organized. A stats tab allows you to see what template was viewed and how many times it was viewed to be sure your designs are being viewed. Sharing options include a dedicated URL to each project and a Twitter sharing link. You can also add annotations if you need to call out particular elements if your projects.

price: $25 / year

Written by Brett Atkin

I have been building and maintaining web sites since 1997. I remember when Netscape was the top browser and PointCast was the news service of choice. The web and I have come a long way in the last 13 years. In those 13 years, I’ve built everything from brochureware sites, custom CMS’s using both ASP and PHP to fully responsive Wordpress sites. I’ve helped clients with their blogging, email marketing, online promotions, SEO and Analytics.

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